Snow Crown Rules

The official rules, regulations and ways to ensure that everyone has a great time!


Our goal is that you go home at the end of the day with a smile on your face and a story to tell your friends. This is fat bike racing in the midwest, don’t take it too seriously. We don’t! The weather is going to be unpredictable.

3.8” TIRES

All bikes must have tires that are 3.8” wide both front and rear. This is to protect the groomed surface, narrow tires create ruts which damage the trail. Is your bike equipped with tires that are narrower than 3.8”? Sorry Charlie, it ain’t riding Snow Crown.


A bike or snowboard helmet is required. No helmet? No race for you.


We’ve got some big prizes lined up for our series winners as well as cash prizes and swag bags to podium places at all the events.


This year we are changing up the races . We will be having three race categories, Junior, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In some races the course layout will vary based on skill level, in all races the length of race will vary based on skill level. Course length will be roughly 21 miles for advanced, 14 miles for Intermediate and 7 miles for Beginner and Junior. We reserve the right to bump a rider up or down a category; no sandbaggers in Snow Crown!


To be scored in the Snow Crown series a rider must register for the entire series before the first race, the last day to register online is December 13. Series registrations will be available in-person on Dec 15 at Shelltrack.  Points will be awarded based on how you place in each race with the best out of 3 races being counted towards overall score. In the event of a tie we will have a head-to-head race to determine winner.


Series plates can be picked up from the registration table on race day. Save the plate we give you, it will be used for the entire series. If you need a replacement plate the fee is $5.