The story behind the name.. Necessary Evil, also referred to as Plane #91.
Assigned to the 393d Bomb Squadron, 509th Composite Group, it was used as a camera plane to photograph the explosion and effects of the bomb, and to carry scientific observers. At the time of the attack the plane was not named and was known only by its 393d Victor number. The mission was flown by crew B-10, with Captain George Marquardt as aircraft commander.


  • 2205 Stainless Steel Frame w/ 44mm Headtube
  • 142×12 Rear end spacing
  • Di2 Ready along with dropper post port
  • BSA 68 English Tread BB
  • Flat mount disc brake (140 post mount).
  • Rack and Fender mounts w/ 3 bottle cages
  • 27.2 mm Seatpost