The Jabit III was the name of a B-29 plane that was flown in the 509 composite in WWII. The Boeing B-29 plane was one of the largest, most expensive and state of the art plane that was flying at that time. While our bike isn’t the most expensive on the market, it does follow some similar traits. It can fit some of the biggest tires on the market, it’s made with lightweight double-butted tubing, along with a narrow Q factor to make it an exceptional bike. This bike is our go to all year round since it is fully convertible to fit any adventure whether it’s snow, mountain or gravel. The Jabit III is our 3 in 1 bike that is built, designed and innovated for your riding desires.

A big shout out to The Bike Brew for the amazing custom illustration of the pin up girl that was on the the Jabit III plane in WWII.

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